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Valparaiso Child Custody / Parenting Time / Visitation Lawyer  

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Let our experience work for you.


Divorce is never an easy experience. Pursing child custody rights and parenting time can be a draining process. It is important to ensure that you have an experienced attorney ready to help you fight for your rights.


Attorney Maas can help you with your fight for equal parenting time and / or custody of your child or children. Let our years of experience work for you. We are ready and willing to work passionately for your best interests. 


Custodial Parental Rights

As the custodial parent in the state of Indiana, you have the right to determine your child’s upbringing. This includes things like:

  • Education

  • Religion and Religious Training

  • Health Care

  • Extra curricular activities


Note that this assumes that custody is not shared jointly with the other parent, but rather that you have been named the custodial parent in your child custody agreement. Your authority as the custodial parent can be limited should a court order find that such action is necessary in order to avoid physical or emotional injury to the child.


Noncustodial Parental Rights

Even if you are not awarded custodial rights and are not living with your child the majority of the time, you still have rights that must be upheld. This includes the right to see your child and spend time with them - the court system is required to award you parenting time as dictated in the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. These guidelines do not apply in situations where substance abuse, family violence, or other circumstances that could endanger the child in question are present. In addition, you might not have the right to see your child should you pose any threats to their safety.


Contact A Valparaiso Indiana Child Custody / Parenting Time / Visitation Lawyer


Do you need the help of a child custody lawyer? Attorney Maas can help you ensure that your rights are upheld and that you receive the parenting time and custody order that is best for your child. For more information, reach out to us today to discuss your situation. 

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