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No matter what situation gives rise to the need for child support, it might help to think of the legal right to child support as being possessed by a child (which it technically is), for his or her proper care and upbringing, regardless of who actually receives child support payments.

Child support orders issued by a court base the amount of support on the state child support guidelines. These guidelines establish the amount of support that must be paid, based largely on both parent’s income and the number of children. The court may also take into account other relevant factors, and the needs of the children.

The court can deviate from the guidelines if there are significant reasons for doing so. The fact that the custodial parent has a high income does not itself justify deviation from the guidelines, because under the law children have the right to benefit from both parents’ incomes. Child support can be increased if there is a change in circumstances justifying the increase, such as an increase in the payer’s income or the cost of living, a decrease in the custodial parent’s income, or an increase in the child’s needs. Similarly, the amount can be reduced if the circumstances justify the reduction.

If you are facing a potential child support issue or dispute, whether due to divorce or as a single parent, Christina Maas can help by zealously representing you in your child support proceeding and will work to obtain the best possible result.

Parenting a child can be a difficult endeavor even when the other parent in question is cooperative. It is important that children be adequately provided for both emotionally and financially. It is the duty of both parents to fulfill these needs, and should one parent be unwilling to do so it might be time to look into filing a child support case against them.


 How is child support calculated in Indiana?

Weekly gross income forms the basis of support, and your income will be verified through government wage match information.


Gross weekly income can include:

  • Overtime

  • Self-Employment or Wages

  • Rent

  • Royalty Income

  • Bonuses and Commissions

  • Other Kinds of Irregular Income


Both parents will be required to submit various worksheets that detail income as well as expenses when a child support hearing is underway.


What happens if I can't pay?

Child support is a legal order which which you must comply. Should you find yourself unable to pay your support obligation, you must seek an adjustment via the court system. In order to successfully to have a child support order decreased, you have to be able to prove two things. First is that you are experiencing a substantial change of circumstances since the order was last changed or placed and that these changes are continual in nature. The previous order must be at least 12 months old and the potential amount of support calculated must be at least 20% different from the order that already exists.

Contact A Valparaiso Child Support Attorney for Help!


Child support can be a complex issue to handle. This is true whether you are seeking to collect or have been ordered to pay an amount you cannot afford. Whatever situation you are in, it is important to seek out an experienced attorney for help. Attorney Maas can help you - contact us today for more information and an initial consultation.

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