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When both individuals in a marriage agree to divorce, it is known as an uncontested divorce. This means that the parties in question do not contest the divorce or the terms of the divorce. Each party is in agreement on things like property division, child support, and child custody. An uncontested divorce is a great option for a painless and cost effective separation.


In an uncontested divorce, one member of the couple seeks the services of an attorney to review and draft their divorce documents. Note that only the party who retains the attorney will be represented by said attorney – the other half of the couple should seek out their own attorney if they also wish to have representation. This is not strictly necessary, however, as a simple uncontested divorce does not usually require the legal services of multiple attorneys. 


When Is An Uncontested Divorce The Right Solution?

While an uncontested divorce is usually the quickest kind of divorce to achieve in Indiana, it should be noted that not everyone qualifies. Both spouses in question must satisfy all of the following five requirements:

  • Both spouses agree to the divorce

  • Both spouses are able to reach an agreement regarding all issues

  • Both spouses are willing to use only one attorney

  • Both spouses are willing to sign all documents without service from any party

  • The marital assets are valued at less than $250,000.00


Only if all five of the above requirements are met can an uncontested divorce be sought. 

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